We started the organization Family Help Project 2003 and has since that day been fighting poverty on the island of Leyte in the Philippines.

Our heart beats for the children and families in the Philippines who needs help. The help starts in their immediate needs as malnutrition and lack of education. This things leads them to a position where they feel capable and responsible for their own development through information, new skills and new realities.

How do we know that a fellow human being really is helped?

If she no longer sees herself as helpless.

None of what we do would be possible without help. Thanks to FSPM, Finland Swedish Pentecostal Mission, we have been given the chance to run and develop a project called MRDP, Multi-Rural Development Project. Read more about it here: WHAT WE DO.

In addition to FSPM, it's alot of people who makes it possible for our organization to make a difference in the Philippines. All from individuals to communities and organizations.
Read more about our partners here: PARTNERS.

Rachelle Ann Pugosa
Nurse and Health educator


Florilyn Pilota

Foster Parent Coordinator


Alijandro Pugosa
Model farm Manager

We strive to:

Show love with our heart, head and hands, with emotion, reflection and action...


Andreas Pettersson
Projekt director

MRDP Project Employees

Laila Pettersson
Projects informer


Lito Caluyong
Projekt manager

Almira Redulla


We have many employees through our projects. Below you can see our leaders for different areas.