In the Philippines, there are thousands of children who are malnourished. Many families lives with only one, very small, income, and it is difficult to get it to suffice. The cheapest food is rice and this result that it is often the main food. The children do not receive adequate amounts of nutrients which affect their health adversely.








Every day we conduct food distribution in schools and in the village where we have our farm. Those who get their share of food is malnourished children from poorer families who can not afford to bring food to school lunch from home. We use local ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Every Saturday we have food distributions in villages that are a bit further away where we have seen that the need is great. In conjunction with these distributions, we take time to read for the children about God in the same time as we have a Bible study for parents.








A meal and a saturated child costs only 0,12 USD.
In order for this project to be proceed, we are in great need of financial support.


A meal, a saturated child, everyone can contribute something. Every penny makes a difference. 
Do you want to contribute to our food distributions? Please register your interest below.

Over the past 10 years, we have distributed food to hundreds of children and seen good results out of it. One fact which we are extremly happy to know is that it is no longer any malnourished children in the municipal primary school in Merida because of the project. This makes us therefore move on to another village where the need is greater.




Our goal is not only to fill a

stomach for the moment.

We attach great importance to inform parents about how they on the cheap and easy way can give their children nutritious food
This has become a subproject

of the Union itself which we call Faith Garden.

Read more about it here.

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