- Is a part of our health education and business.


Our nurse, Rachelle Ann, meet the mothers every week in different villages in our vicinity. During these sessions, she is teaching them about health and hygiene, and provides blood pressure control and blood smaple. She is also doing various activities for the mothers. One activity is that she teach them how to make a cheap and easy way to making rag rugs. Another is how to produce their own detergent.

The idea behind this is that the women will then be able to produce the products at home and sell it, thereby give families additional income. The paperwork that makes it possible for mothers to sell these products will Rachelle Ann help them with.




We also visit schools where we have health education for children where they, among other things, learn the importance abou brushing there teeths.

Health teaching is having the focus on preventing disease through education. The program works for holistic health where all aspects of the health of the person concerned, such as physical health, health in family relationships, spiritual health, financial health, etc.

We meet many people who are in need of care. To go to a doctor can be very expensive. This means that many can not afford the health care assistance they need.