In order to demonstrate and teach in the best way, we have our very own farm. Here we grow vegetables and fruit with organic methods. This means that we, for example, instead of spraying the plants with poison we're useing the chili's leaves that is just as good as pesticides. Or that we mix our potting soil with products like beneficial microorganisms and carbon enriched rice hull etc.

We do also have animals on our farm. Pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys. The animals are breeding animals and is expected to give birth at least two times per year. Everything in the farm is organic.

Because of the organic technology the livestock is odorless which means that even people in densely built areas can raise pigs and chickens. Our animal feed contains only ingredients from the plant kingdom. We have worked out a perfect combination of greenery, cereals and self-produced fermentations that help the animals produce to the max.

The reason we have chosen to operate the farm with an organic approach is that it is cheap, there is a strong demand for it and of course, it is the best for the body. The reason we have the farm is primarily to teach the population how to become self-sufficient in best and cheapest way. The farm also teaches how to reduce the feed cost by two thirds, and how to minimize the use of growth hormones and antibiotics in the feed.

In this climate, growing crops quickly and we can harvest several times a week. The harvest is sold in the market.
Our hope is that the farm in the near future will be self-sufficient and produce all the food needed for our food distributions.

All animals are for sale and the sale will contribute to the project's economics.

Thanks to the large amount of piglets and your help, we have the opportunity to sponsor families with a pig. Read more about this by klicking here: GIVE AWAY A PIG.