Our dreams has always been about the most vulnerable.
Those who have fallen through the cracks and become forgotten. Our project and the Church constantly moves in society, this often brings us into contact with children and young people with special needs.


  • A 16 years old girl was ostracized by her family because she suffered from leprosy. She is now restored thanks to our help and support.


  • A young man was locked into a cage completely naked and without human contact because of mental illness. Today, he goes to our school and live in a family and feel good.

But there are many more who have similar problems and similar heartbreaking situations that also need help.


We dream of opening an activity center for them and a group home for marginalized children and young people that can also serve as shelters when typhoons comes.

We also dream of starting a vocational courses that can give young people work in the long term. We want to give young people the opportunity to musical training instead of teenage pregnancies and drug abuse. Bible-related courses are also within our vision.

                Something we have learned over the years is
              that nothing is impossible for those who believe.