We are so grateful and happy to cooperate and work with the following organizations.
We could never do this without the help of God and our partners help!

DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development)

DSWD's social services and their workers collaborate with FHP.
We work from the DSWD's recommendations for our interventions for children with special needs and malnourished children. Read more at: DSWD's website


FSPM (Finlands Svenska Pingstmission)
They are the sending organization for the missionaries Andreas and Laila. It is also the organization applying for assistance from the Finnish State. MRDP is a project conducted with support from the Finnish government during the Free Church Federation FS and Finland Swedish Pentecostal Mission (FSPM). Many congregations in Finland also supports the mission in the Philippines through the FSPM. Read more at: FSPM's Homepage



This is our sending church in Vaasa, Finland. Read more at: Sion's Homepage




This is our collaboration partner who teach and coach us on the farm, so that we in turn can teach locals.



This is our supporting churches in Sweden:
Elim Billdals Pingstkyrka | http://www.elimbilldal.com/
Kungsportskyrkan in Huskvarna | http://www.kungsporten.com
Församlingen Immanuel | http://www.immanuelborlange.se/
Filadelfia Vidsel |

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