Going to school in the Philippines is not self-evident. The family need to pay for the the school fee, a large part of school materials, school uniforms, the cost of excursions and lunch. Therefore, not all children have the chance to go to school.

Without education, the child has absolutely no chance of career advancement. We have therefore started a preschool/school that currently has classes from 3 to 7 years. Classes for three years old? You read that right. In the Philippines they begins to teach children who is only three years old.

The 7 years is now in the first grade. Our plan and hope is that these 7-years-old will become the first graduate in the 6th grade at our school. Next year we will start, Grade 2, year after that, Grade 3 etc.

What distinguishes our school from other schools is mainly that we do not distinguish between children and children. In the municipal schools they receive the children after "smartness" and the class distinctions. This creates large gaps and the children's self-image is skewed from the start and we want to counteract that.
Other differences are that we try to teach children about relationships and social interaction, the school stands on Christian principles and that, in so far as we have the resources provides scholarship to the children who are in need of it.

It is never easy to not be like everyone else.

In the Philippines, society is very unsympathetic and unaccepting against these people. We are working to see, and to raising children who is having a hard time. One such venture is that we have started a class for children with special needs.

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Children with special needs

What does it cost to go to school?

An average wage in the Philippines is about 120-240 USD / month. The total cost of a child's schooling is between 18-43 USD / month. For a family with many children, this becomes quickly a cost exceeding their budget.
We believe that all children should have the chance to go to school.

If you have the same thoughts as us, you have the opportunity to help that dream a piece along to be a sponsor and sponsor a child's schooling. It will cover the school fees, school books, tours, two uniforms, shoes, lunch and a toothbrush. 30 USD/month gives a child's schooling, a brighter future, a place in society and so much more.

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