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Family Help Project Developement Learning Center (FHPDLC) is the name of our school where approximately 70 children currently go. 40 of these children is coming from families who can not afford to pay for their children's schooling. But by the FHP they have received financial support from the Finnish government which have covered their schooling.


From year 2016, the Finnish government decided to change their budget with us, With the result that our 40 children will not be able to attend to our school.

Our hope is now that we will find 40 sponsor families for our children so that they can continue to study in our school to have a brighter future. We know that with a good education, the chances for a child here will succeed better in life.

To become a sponsor cost 30 USD per month. These money pays for everything that is a part of their education; 2 uniforms, school fees, a number of good books, school trips, school projects, hygiene, etc.

How to support a child:

  1. Enter your contact information below. Within a week you will receive an email with the name of the child you will sponsor and information about the child's health and family.

  2. Press the "Donate" button below and a new windom to Paypal will open. Write the ammount of 30 USD, after that Press the button "Make This Recurring (Monthly). Don´t forget to write your name so that we can see who the money is from.


Many Thanks!

I want to donate a amount of 30 USD per month so that a child can afford to go to school.

Pay throw Paypal: Press the button

I want to donate a amount of

30 USD per month

so that a child can afford to go to school.

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