I, Andreas Pettersson, came to the Philippians for the first time in 2001 and worked as a volunteer for 15 months. This time made such a strong impression on me that I wanted to continue my involvement in missionary work, first with collections and now as a project manager and missionary.

I appreciate the time that my father Kenneth supervisor gave me and the cooperation I experienced with the local church.

It is the legacy I want to pass on to those volunteers who now come here. My goal and dream is to be able to inspire new and continuing of mission and development work around the world.

Do you want to become a volunteer with us?
Facts about accommodation

If you become a volunteer with us, you will get to stay in a volunteer house as you can see in the pictures.

In the house you get to support yourself. There is a good kitchen, toilet, washing machine and internet.

In the house you live in a room with a bunk bed. If the house is full, it may be that you get to share a room with another person.

The cost of the accommodation is 107 Euro a month.

What should I know before my trip?

Download the pdf file, you will get answers to your questions.

We gladly accept volunteers year round except November to February. The reason is that we are exposed to tyfoon risk that period, so we have, together with other organizations taken the decision not to have volunteers in place for safety.

As a volunteer you will get an opportunity to see how we work with all our projects and also participate in their own projects. We respect your qualities and what you are good at. You can read here about what other volunteers have made and their experiences.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to scanandreas@hotmail.com describing:

  • Who you are

  • Experiences

  • If you have a Christian background

  • Two references (from work or from a Church leader)

We make sure to reply as soon as possible in your email.

Pictures from the volunteer house
The volunteers house
The volunteers house

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Backyard of the volunteers house
Backyard of the volunteers house

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The volunteers house
The volunteers house

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Read about our past volunteers experiences with us. Click on the pictures below.
Anton Hildorsson- Eksjö, Sweden
Lisa Magnusson-
Uddevalla, Sweden
Emma Fridlund-
Sundsvall, Sweden
Evelina Hildorsson- Eksjö, Sweden