Words from our former volunteers

Lisa Magnusson-

I was volunteering for the FHP six weeks during September and October 2015.


Here was a typical day for me during that time. The day began with farm work so as to take care of the goats, reap, sow or confuse feed and potting soil. Then came an activity such as feeding, CHE or assistant in the school. After lunch it was then time for the pieces that are more individual from volunteer to volunteer based on what you have knowledge and talent within. For me it meant to plan and then execute lectures to mothers about nutrition and experimenting with recipes of a plant for me and most of the Filipinos was previously unknown. The work was completed with an information about the plant where I also showed examples of how it can be cooked. During my time as a volunteer was also volunteers Evelina and Anton here and they took responsibility to fix a new and improved website which led to that I helped with the lyrics. And now to the religious part. Since I´m not is an active Christian, I was not active in the meetings. But I was on the Sunday meetings and the Bible study in the weeks.

How I experienced culture? Let's say my tip to you to visit the Philippines is to sunbathe properly before you go. The whiter, more beautiful and more beautiful, the more attention. Overall, it is a very hospitable, helpful and nice people. I have been surprised and impressed by their strength and joy despite tough setbacks. A strong people.

What I have learned and take me away from here? Most of all I should say that I influenced and fascinated by how great benefit little money can do. That is, the price differences there are between our countries. There is little money for us is a lot of money here. Consider 1 Swedish crown are enough to feed a child. When I actually got to see the difference the money making, it has given me a greater willingness to donate. I may be young and poor, but it is lovely is that every penny This actually makes a difference. I can afford to make a difference and it feels good in my heart. Something else that has touched me the injustice. Injustices that cost a fortune to seek medical attention here or injustices that school costs money. Sure it's unfair that we who have money have high-cost and free schooling while people who barely have money for food and clothes to pay. We have it so good in Sweden we are. Then I've obviously learned a very lot more about how the organization is run, about animals and plants, culture, etc, but these are the top things I really have got me thinking. Last but not least, I would say that the Philippines is an incredibly beautiful country with magnificent scenery. If you come here as a volunteer, make the most of your day and experience nature and culture. How cruel!
It was an amazing experience that I do not regret a second that I was getting myself into.

Anton Hildorsson- Eksjö

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Evelina Hildorsson- Eksjö

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Nathalie Nygren-